Cheers to Health, Fitness, & Beyond

About Me

My name is Kim. I spent most of my childhood years in Hawaii. I moved to Michigan for my jr high/high school years. I am 17 years old. I play basketball on my school varsity team. I’ve devoted myself to a life of health and fitness. (I’ll have pictures coming soon!)

My current weight is 126-128, and I am 5’6. I’ve gained 15 pounds this last year from binge eating and purging. (It was a great idea in theory it didn’t workout so well in practice).

My goal weight is: 117

My ultimate goal weight is: 110.

I’ve struggled with anorexia for a time then I decided that I could not play basketball with the limited intake I was eating. So i decided to change my life around and start eating, and somehow that turned into my binge eating and purging disorder. I’m doing better now, I still have my off days. I still end up turning to binging on tough days, but I’ve been doing so much better and I know i’ll get through this. If you need anyone to talk to, hit me up with a message. <3